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Finding your Frequency: Winning in Football and Life

“You don’t last more than two decades in anything, let alone the NFL, if you can’t communicate clearly and effectively. Brian Sexton’s message is sure to help people who want to convey their thoughts and feelings with clarity and passion.”
—Tony Boselli, NFL Hall of Famer


Emcee, facilitator, coach and keynote speaker.

In 1994, Jacksonville was awarded an expansion NFL franchise. One of their first moves was to hire the youngest-ever NFL radio play-by-play announcer… Brian Sexton, the “Voice of the Jaguars.” Brian has called more than 400 professional football games, hosted more than a thousand coaches radio and television shows, interviewed too many players to name, and spoken in front of tens of thousands of people as an emcee, facilitator, coach and keynote speaker. His high-energy presentations invigorate teams, and people love his engaging, powerful stories about the pros and how success is a choice. Brian connects with audiences and leaves a memorable impact through powerful stories which can be applied in their lives and businesses.

How can Brian help your team succeed?

  • Building your Gameplan™: One-on-one and team coaching
  • Keynote speeches
  • Enhancing leaders and team members’ confidence, focus and presentation styles
  • Energizing pep talks to ignite teams around specific goals
  • Conferences and trade shows

What you should know about Brian.

Brian Sexton is a professional storyteller and has spent his entire adult life telling the story of the Jacksonville Jaguars on the radio, television, in print and on digital media. Along the way, Brian married Jennifer and learned that sometimes the best form of communication is a silent smile instead of saying anything at all. He’s tried to impart the same lesson to his three sons, Keegan(22), Rian (19) and Kolbe (18) but he isn’t sure they’re listening…because he didn’t!

“Brian Sexton speaks with clarity and passion. His message and years of experience as the Voice of the Jaguars will help people find their voice and communicate better and more effectively.”
— Wayne Weaver, former owner, Jacksonville Jaguars

Brian Sexton Boy Scout and Family

The Sexton family.

Brian is an Eagle Scout and the father of three Eagle Scouts. He was awarded the Silver Beaver for Outstanding Service to Youth by the North Florida Council of the Boy Scouts of America where he served as the Scoutmaster for Troop 15 and a valuable ally in the Jacksonville area for Scouting. Brian is also active in the Cursillo movement in the Diocese of St. Augustine and numerous local charities and charitable endeavors.